"Nel giro di vent'anni sarete più dispiaciuti per le cose che non avete fatto che per quelle che avete fatto. Quindi lanciatevi, abbiate il coraggio di levare l'ancora e avventurarvi oltre il porto sicuro. Lasciatevi guidare dal vento ed esplorate nuovi lidi" Mark Twain


giornali locali e notizie curiose San Francisco South Bay

ogni giorno leggo i giornali locali che mi forniscono notizie interessanti che non trovo su internet, perche trattano temi iperlocali e danno una diversa immagine della vita americana.

In questo elenco c'e una selezione delle chiamate fatte dalla gente all ufficio della polizia. Ogni giorno sul giornale ne vengono riportate una cinquantina in uno spazio apposito, ho selezionato alcune divertenti ed altre curiose. La gente ha fiducia nella polizia e nel far rispettar fin troppo le regole, per cui chiama spesso le forze dell'ordine.

1:44 pm- Woman says her ex-boyfriend stole jewelry, purses, and dog clothing from her home while she was out of town.

11:15am- Man says he gave his computer to a person to repair it and never got it back.

5:47pm- woman reports her car has been stolen but an officer finds it where she parked it.

7:42pm- Mom upset that her child got a tattoo at someone else's house.

9:49am- Caller concerned about an older man with a large plastic bag riding a bicycle. Police determined he's OK.

3:39pm- Suspicious person on the property turns out to be the house sitter.

4:32pm- Vehicle egged and written on with a marker.

7:25am- Boy, 14 years old, says his dad hit him.

4:21pm- Man says someone is stealing gas from his vehicle.

9:15pm- Scammers convince a 75 yr. old victim to wire the scammer $19,000 while the victim is promised lottery winnings for $2 million.

1:10pm- Caller says a dog's been locked in a vehicle for more than half an hour. An officer checks the temperature inside the vehicle, determines the dog is safe and leaves a note for the owner.

11:44am- Caller complains that day laborers are harassing women walking by.

2:27pm- All four tires stolen from vehicle.

3:35pm- Four year old girl calls police and says her mother beat her. Turns out, her mother had just spanked her.

8:45pm- Dog owner cited for the pooch's excessive barking.

11:19am- Caller has paid for concert tickets from a person from craigslist and he's concerned because they haven't arrived yet.

9:57am- Resident reports getting a phone call from a person claiming to be a doctor and asking for a $300 western union money transfer. The doctor says that in return a lawyer will send the resident $2 million awarded in a lawsuit.

3:36pm- Car reported stolen. The owner later calls police to tell them he forgot he loaned the car to his friend.

10:52pm- Caller says carpet cleaners are making too much noise.

10:39pm- A girl arrested after her boyfriend tells police she punched him in the face.

5:27pm- A woman says another woman walked up to her, told her that she didn't belong there and hit her several times.

12:50am- Somebody rang the gate at a residence on Hosting Ave but nobody was seen. Police were unable to locate the mysterious ringer.

8:53pm- Woman who fosters dogs gets a call threatening to kill a found dog if she doesn't pay money.

11:23am- Man says he bought a gold coin online but when it was delivered someone else signed for it in his name and when he opened the package, there was no coin in it.

2:51pm- Computer and playstation stolen during a party.

8:14am- Man says he can't get his 12 and 13 year old boys to go to school.

2:37pm- Someone breaks a window of a vehicle and discharges a fire extinguisher into it.

1:10am- Man says his wife beat him with her shoes.

3:27pm- Wig stolen from a wig shop.

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Marica ha detto...

ahahahahahahahah :-D

Roberto ha detto...

mica ho capito perche il padre chiama la polizia se non può portare le figlie a scuola...

Fra ha detto...

:)) che rubrica simpatica... quindi è qualcuno della polizia che si passa il tempo a selezionare le telefonate più simpatiche e a postarle sul giornale?

Moky ha detto...

Non a Sf, ovviamente, ma quella della donna che ha chiamato il 911 per lamentarsi che al drive-thru (McD.?) avevano finito i McNuggets e' finita su CNN, un anno fa circa...

Ma erano telefonate al 911 o al numero per le non-emergenze?